LI SOBINDOY - Roma in Action

Projektlaufzeit: 1.8.2013 - 31.7.2015


Roma and Sinti represent the biggest minority in Europe. On the basis of the Directive on Racial Equality many announcements have been made in order to improve their situation within European countries. Yet Roma and Sinti are still victims of significant prejudice and social exclusion due to missing acceptance and understanding grounded within the majority society. Educational activities which adequately address antitsiganism, i.e. the specific prejudice and segregation of Roma and Sinti in the majority society, or that inform and educate about the culture, values and needs of Roma in a non-stigmatising or non-homogenising way are hardly existent.


This partnership thus focused on the identification and exchange of successful and effective educational approaches aiming at improving the situation of Roma and Sinti in Europe and diminishing antitsiganism and related discrimination. With organisations from Germany, Spain, the UK and Turkey, this partnership aimed at creating a European space of learning on educational strategies to tackle antitsiganism that also includes the voices of Roma and Sinti. The partnership aimed at identifying and transferring strategies to raise awareness for the discrimination Roma face and diminish prejudice, discrimination and xenophobia by qualifying and creating attractive educational measures and products that help to sensitize the public and in the long run improve social integration. The activities of the partnership were designed in such way as to bring Roma and Non-Roma together as well as to guarantee the inclusion of Roma and assure their significant contribution when it comes to the creation and shaping of educational activities.


The overall goal was to reduce discrimination and improve the acknowledgement and appreciation of Roma and Sinti as full and equal members of European societies and to in general contribute to a Europe in which every person can participate on par as an equal member of society irrespective of their origin, culture or other dimension of identity.

Partner Organizations

  1. Institut für Migrations- und Aussiedlerfragen Heimvolkshochschule St. Hedwigs-Haus e.V. from Oerlinghausen / Germany
  2. Community Carts from Ely / UK
  3. Asociación Barró from Madrid / Spain
  4. Mardin Valiliği from Mardin / Turkey